What are the tax benefits of making a donation?

Canada offers some of the most generous tax benefits in the world for charitable contributions, and Alberta is a provincial leader in this area as well. As a result, as much as 50% of the value of your gift comes back to you at tax time.

If, for instance, you make a Leadership donation of $1,200, your combined provincial and federal tax credits will come out to $550.

It’s inspiring to know that, because of this benefit, when you make your donation to United Way you are seeing the full impact of your gift realized, even though your out-of- pocket cost is closer to 50¢ for every $1 you pledge.


*The above chart gives examples of available charitable tax credits based on an annual taxable income of less than $200,000. Please visit Canada Revenue Agency’s website or speak to a financial advisor for a detailed analysis of how tax credits can apply to you.


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