Why should I give to United Way of the Alberta Capital Region?

By supporting United Way, you have the ability to change the lives of local families and individuals struggling in poverty, and help prevent others from falling into it.

Just like a financial investment that grows, you want to see your community grow and prosper. This is exactly how your contribution to United Way is treated – like a life- changing investment that generates community impact.

United Way has the largest network of funded partners in the region – 50+ social sector partners delivering 100+ programs and services. This means your donation goes farther and wider than any other charitable investment you can make.

United Way investments support community members in three focus areas:

  • Break the Cycle – Ensuring children succeed through the school years. (Examples include: parenting supports, in-school nutrition, mentoring, school supplies, family counselling.)
  • Lift People Out – Helping people build job skills and financial stability. (Examples include: job and skills training, counselling, financial literacy training.)
  • Provide a Safety Net – Supporting basic needs and personal well-being. (Examples include: food and housing supports, family therapy, distress line support, shelters, addictions counselling.)

United Way also helps to Build Community Capacity by supporting research, evaluation and collaboration.

To learn more about United Way investments, please visit


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