Why should I give to United Way of the Alberta Capital Region?

By supporting United Way, you have the ability to change the lives of local families and individuals struggling in poverty, and help prevent others from falling into it.

There are three ways that you and United Way will change lives:

  • Breaking the Cycle – When you’re born into a life of poverty, it’s all you know. So getting the support you need to take a different path is critical. With United Way, you’re helping kids right from the start, with early learning and development, with supports through the school years and giving them the chance to achieve high school completion. (Examples include: parenting supports, in-school nutrition, mentoring, school supplies, family counselling)
  • Lifting People Out – Whether you’re in deep, living on the streets or working in a full-time low paying job that doesn’t provide enough for your family to live on, all your energy is spent on just trying to get through to the next day. With United Way you’re lifting people out of these situations, by providing the essentials for life and the supports to start a new life. (Examples include: food and housing supports, job and skills training, counselling, financial literacy training)
  • Providing a Safety Net – Sometimes, life just takes a turn. Maybe a family member got sick and you had to care for them; or worse, someone has passed away and the loss is taking a major emotional and financial toll. Physical disabilities, mental illness, a difficult divorce, domestic abuse – the possibilities can seem endless. With United Way, you’re providing the best supports to get people back on track and away from the pitfalls of poverty. (Examples include: family therapy, distress line support, shelters, addictions counselling)

United Way has the largest network of funded partners in the region – 50+ social sector partners delivering 100+ programs and services. This means your donation goes farther and wider than any other charitable investment you can make.

Just like a financial investment grows, you want to see your community grow and prosper. This is exactly how your contribution to United Way is treated – like a life-changing investment that generates community impact.

The benefits of giving back

Canada offers some of the most generous tax benefits in the world for charitable contributions, and Alberta is a provincial leader in this area as well. As a result, up to about 50% of the value of your gift comes back to you at tax time.

The federal government has an online tax calculator that shows you roughly how much you get back on your return.

If, for instance, you make a leadership donation of $1,200, your combined provincial and federal tax credits will come out to $550.

It’s inspiring to know that, because of this benefit, when you make your donation to United Way you are seeing the full impact of your gift realized, even though your out-of-pocket cost is closer to 50¢ for every $1 you pledge.


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