How do I obtain additional information on United Way's privacy policies and procedures?

What information does United Way of the Alberta Capital Region collect?
United Way collects only the personal information needed to process charitable tax receipts and to maintain donor relationships. This may include personal information such as: name, full address, email address, employer, dates and amount of donation.

What is the information used for?
Personal information is used to process charitable tax receipts and maintain donor relationships.

How do you collect my personal information?
United Way collects personal information directly from donors and through employers who participate in workplace campaigns.

What if I refuse to give my personal information?
It is everyone’s right to refuse to give personal information and/or request to be anonymous in United Way publications.

Who is my information shared with?
Personal information is shared with employers who participate in specific workplace campaigns for campaign planning purposes and to facilitate payroll deductions and remittance of charitable contributions of their employees.

Do you sell personal information to third parties?
No. United Way does not sell personal information or donor lists to other companies regardless of their intended use.

Who can I contact for more information?
For more information about our privacy policies and practices, please contact our Privacy Officer at 780.990.1000 or at


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