How are agencies evaluated?

All funded partner agencies are evaluated by United Way on an annual basis with the following criteria:

  • Alignment with United Way Priorities – does the program continue to fit with United Way priorities as determined by the changing needs of the region?
  • Organizational Stability – is the agency positioned, financially and structurally, to leverage United Way resources effectively and efficiently?
  • Program Effectiveness – did the agency deliver on agreed-upon results and did they demonstrate positive impact in the community?
  • Accessibility – is the program or initiative accessible to those it intends to serve and/or have steps been taken to address barriers?
  • Resource Management – does the agency review financial statements on a regular basis and did they submit to an audit or review engagement in the past year?
  • Need for Funding – does the agency demonstrate a practical need for United Way dollars and is the proposed budget realistic?
  • Agency Support for United Way of the Alberta Capital Region – has the agency helped to promote United Way of the Alberta Capital Region and have they adhered to relevant policies and procedures?
  • Follow-Up from Previous Report Recommendations – has the agency addressed outstanding items identified by United Way staff and/or volunteer committees from past reviews?


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